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E-Champ 65 Electric Bikes

We are proud of our British Built E-Champ 65 fat tyre electric bike, oozing quality and urban style.
Reminiscent of past times, there is nothing old school about the high tech that's gone into building these fantastic electric bikes. With everything you need, the spec on these great bikes is excellent.
We've chosen components you'd expect, like 7 speed Shimano gears, Hope brakes and powerful independent front suspension.
Choose the motor to suit where you plan to ride your bike, 250 watt for UK road use or 750 watt for off road.
Personalise your bike with the accessories you want like thumb throttles, head lights, mud guards, Closca water bottles and puncture resistant tyres.
Need some advice on which electric bike will suit you best or which accessories to choose?


Call us on 01234 241679 (9am-5.30-pm) or 01908 470673 (out of hours)


E-Champ 65 250w - UK Road E-Bike

Looking for an electric bike to ride round town, commute or simply enjoy being out and about on? Our E-Champ 65 250w is perfect!
Comfortable, easy to use, making riding a real pleasure.
Electronic assistance to 15.5 mph. Going faster is up to you, you just need to pedal more! It's the motor assist that stops helping after 15.5mps.
Going uphill? No problem, our 7 speed Shimano gear system is fitted as standard and makes easy work of them!
Powered by our 36V super technology silent hub motor.
60 Mile Range (depending on riding conditions)


E-Champ 65 750w - Off Road E-Bike


If off-roading is your thing then the E-Champ 65 750w is the choice you want. With serious accelaration delivered by our 750 watt motor, 48v battery, you'll have all the tourque and power you need.


750 watt bikes can only be ridden OFF-ROAD (with landowners' permission) or on private land.


You can't ride a 750 watt electric bike on UK roads without registration.The E-Champ 65 can reach speeds of up to 25 mph both peddle assisted and with the optional thumb throttle.


For your safety, our 750w Bikes have HOPE TECH 160MM front colour coded discs fitted as standard, increasing stopping power by 30%.