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E-Champ 65 Fat Tyre Urban Electric Bikes

What will urban transport look like in the future?

We know the answer… it’s our E-Champ electric bikes!


British Built in Milton Keynes and available with 250watt UK Road Legal motor and a 750watt motor for off road adventure.


E-CHAMP 65 is an cool urban electric bike experience offering high technology electric bikes, with a unique, retro street, design. Fast, efficient and super stylish.


We also offer a range off accessories including head lights , mud guards, throttles, Closca water bottles, puncture resistant tyres. Powerful independent front suspension.


You may be unclear of which motor option is suited to you? We can explain!


Both bikes may seem identical from a specification visual. The difference is your choice of motor size and this choice depends on whether you are planning to ride your bike on the the road or off road.


All of our 750W Bikes have HOPE TECH 160MM front colour coded discs fitted as standard this increases stopping power by 30% increased safety for the 750W rider.


E-Champ 65 250W - UK Road Bike


The E-Champ 65 250W is an extremely popular choice with our clients. The 250W has incredible torque, you will be pleasantly super surprised!


Powered by our 36V super technology silent hub motor.


60 Mile Range (depending on riding conditions


Electronic assistance to 15.5 mph. You can exceed this speed by simply pedalling, the motor will stop assisting you after 15.5 mph.


7 speed Shimano gear system fitted as standard, so hilly areas are no problem for the E-Champ 65.


E-Champ 65 750w - Off Road E-Bike


The E-Champ 65 750W is the choice if you are a thrill seeker. With super acceleration, more torque and power from our 750 watt motor, delivered by a 48v battery.

This bike is for OFF ROAD Use Only (with landowners' permission ) or on private land.


750 watt electric bikes are not legally permitted on U.K. roads without registration.


The E-Champ 65 can reach speeds of up to 25 mph both peddle assisted and with the optional thumb throttle.


This quick machine is the ultimate for riders looking for super excitement.