Sunrise Films explores London on their Bugatti Blue E-Champ RAW Super Bike

From the moment I laid eyes on my E-Champ Raw, I was captivated by its stunning design. I’ve now been riding the bike for well over 400 kilometres in and around London and love the riding experience both on and off the road. I love its vintage-inspired frame and fat tyres. The bike is a stunning blend of classic style and modern technology, and with its iconic headlight it really oozes retro charm.

The Bafang control unit makes it easy to adjust the power assist levels, allowing you to tailor the ride to your preferences. The ergonomics are great, too; my commute is an hour each way but the long saddle and raised handlebars provide comfort even on a longer cruise. The front suspension effectively absorbs shocks, allowing you to tackle park paths with ease, and it's a real pleasure riding trails. Performance is fantastic in pedal assist, even with the road legal 250 watt motor, but there is a throttle for an additional boost if needed or for off-road use.

Being an independent UK based company, the customer experience is fantastic too, owner Jeff and his team delivered the bike personally, and are always happy to assist with any queries you may have.

The E-Champ is a true gem for those who appreciate style, performance and build quality. It's a proper head-turner, and testament to British craftsmanship. Thank you E-Champ, love it.

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