Ocon 31: The story of E-Champ and Esteban Ocon

E-Champ Electric Bikes has always had a special connection with the world of professional athletes. The high quality craftsmanship, premium materials and white glove service of E-Champ has always attracted the elite.

On our social media pages, you will see glowing reviews from the likes of England rugby legends Matt Dawson and Paul Grayson, and the bikes have even caught the eye of the Beckham’s, but last year, E-Champ was contacted by a global motorsport icon.

Esteban Ocon, the French racing driver currently competing in Formula One for Alpine, registered his interest in the bikes last year, a day before the British Grand Prix. Esteban wanted two of the retro, fat-tyre electric bikes to use as transport from his motor home at the Silverstone circuit to the race pits.

The team at E-Champ worked tirelessly through the night to build both the bikes from scratch, and they were delivered on time the very next day.

Esteban used the bikes throughout the weekend and fell in love with them. After the Grand Prix, Esteban’s team got in touch to discuss the possibility of a collaboration, which would see E-Champ create a limited edition ‘Ocon 31’ electric bike, symbolic of his racing number.

With Esteban’s input and direction, E-Champ has developed a truly unique bike, with a customised cafe racer seat representing the colours of the French flag, and with Ocon’s racing number and signature embroidered onto the bike.

The ‘Ocon 31’ bikes are the flagship model of the E-Champ line-up, and are one of the finest retro electric bikes in the world.

In January, Jeff Collins, the founder of E-Champ Electric Bikes, delivered the bike to Esteban’s home on Lake Geneva and enjoyed a special time filming with Ocon and the bikes against the stunning backdrop of the Swiss Alps.

Like every E-Champ customer, Esteban was blown away by the quality of the bikes, and the incredible service of the team.

E-Champ Ocon 31

Limited Edition of 31 Worldwide - Release date May 5th 2024

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