Ocon 31: The story of the E-Champ and Esteban Ocon collaboration

E-Champ Electric Bikes has always had a special connection with the world of professional athletes. The high quality craftsmanship, premium materials and white glove service of E-Champ has always attracted the elite.

Esteban Ocon, the French racing driver currently competing in Formula One for Alpine....

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In the realm of sports photography, few names resonate as profoundly as Muhammad Ali. His charisma, prowess, sheer magnetism inside and outside of the ring made him an icon of the 20th century. Behind many of the iconic images that immortalise Ali legacy stands David King, a photographer who’s lens not only captured the physicality of the sport but also the essence of the man himself.

Here at E-Champ Tech we are honoured to offer this iconic photography to our clients.

Each piece of photography offered is one of 25 in the world and is accredited by Proud galleries of London with the supporting documents.

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  • Hydraulic Brakes

    British Hope Tech front adjustable brake levers with Hope Tech ZX front and rear brake cylinder’s.. all hydraulic.

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  • Hand-crafted Seat

    Hand upholstered Cafe Racer seat built by our craftsmen.

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  • Motor

    Bafang 500 watt motor, delivering speeds of upto 25 mph.

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  • Display

    Bafang High Tech display unit giving you key riding information.

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  • Brake Discs

    British Hope Tech brake Discs 160mm rear 180mm front giving superb stopping power.

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  • Headlight

    Large Retro Headlight with daylight and full beam adjustment.

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