E-Champ Tech partners with Hindsight 360-degree cycling sunglasses

When E-Champ Tech and Hindsight joined forces, they brought together their unique strengths.

E-Champ Tech: Crafting high quality custom E-bikes for Champions.

HindSight: Empowering cyclists with patented rear view sunglasses.

E-Champ Tech, a U.K. made e-bike company, specialises in creating high quality custom bikes for champions.

Whether it’s professional athletes, weekend warriors, or urban commuters, E-Champ delivers excellence. Their E-bikes seamlessly blend cutting edge technology with elegant design.
From lightweight frames to powerful motors, every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance performance.

Hindsight, co-founded by Olympic champion cyclist Callum Skinner, has revolutionised cycling safety. Their patented rear view sunglasses empower cyclists to make smarter and safer decisions on the road. By providing a clear view of what’s behind them, with minimal turning of their heads, cyclists can navigate more confidently.

Hindsight’s commitment to innovation has made them a game changer in the cycle industry.

Callum skinner
Olympic gold medallist 2016 Rio

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