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The Thousand helmet Heritage 2.0 range incorporates a range of design features to keep you cool, safe and comfortable. 

Increased Ventilation

The Heritage 2.0 is Thousand's next generation helmet incorporates seven air vents and three cooling channels.

Integrated Tail light option

An Integrated magnetic tail light option is available

Secret Poplock

Accessed via the hidden channel behind the logo mark, you can pop your U-Lock or chain lock through to conveniently leave your helment with your bike. Backed by Thousands Anti-Theft Guarantee.

Magnetic Buckle

Easy to use, lock it in with a one hand fastener guaranteed to leave your finger pinch-free. German engineered. Safety certified, 

Dial Fit System

Easily adjustable fit system, dial in to your fit, giving you confidence that your helmet is snug and secure.

Vegan Leather Straps

Stay comfortable and sweat-free with these eco-friendly microfiber vegan straps, created with animals and the environment in mind.

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