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Closca Classic Helmet Black

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Storage, safety and style. A modern-day riders dream. 

Gone are the days of awkwardly carrying your helmet around the office for lack of storage space. Closca’s patented folding system quickly reduces its size by 45% so your helmet can be conveniently stored in a backpack, briefcase or desk draw.

Unlike a traditional bike helmet, the safety and practicality of this product does not result in a lack of style. The sleek aerodynamic design features an innovative ventilation system providing a constant air flow. The lightness of this helmet will make you forget you’re wearing it.

Not only does this helmet look good and store well, it does the job keeping you as safe as possible. In the event of an accident, impact is effectively dissipated in compliance with the CPSC and EN1078 certificates. Additionally, the top of the helmet features an NFC chip which allows you to record your emergency contacts and medical history.

This helmet shown here in Black, is also available in White. Visors are interchangeable are available in different colours and materials.

Sizes available are S, M or L.

Technical Specs 

  • Subtle, hidden air vent to help protect against sun stroke 
  • Call an emergency number with a simple tap on your smartphone 
  • Interchangeable visors that can be combined with your daily looks 
  • Rear adjustment system for added comfort 
  • Reduces its volume by more than 50% when folded, becoming as flat as a book 
  • Stays locked whilst on your head, keeping you secure 
  • Incredibly light, weighing 250g-290g 

The Closca Classic Helmet complies with the strict safety standards EN1078 and CPSC which is valid for Europe, Asia, USA and Canada.

In the event of a collision, the impact is optimally scattered, as the folding system allows for micro-movements that cause the impact to be distributed better over the entire surface.

This means that not only will the Closca Classic Helmet never fold while you are wearing it, but it will provide you with maximum safety during your travels.

How does the NFC work?

The NFC can be found in the front of the helmet. In between the logo and the visor.

It can be used to register your helmet, personal and medical information, images, phone number, allergies, etc. 

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